The Jack-Llewellyn Relationship is the currently-developing romance between Jack Walker and Detective Llewelyn Watts

The two meet during a case regarding the murder a homosexual philatelist at a men-only party. Jack Walker falls under suspicion for the crime, but is ultimately cleared.

By the end of the case, Detective Watts goes to see Jack at his apartment to thank him for his help in the case, however, it's clear that there's something more he wants to say.

Appearances and Mentions

The Philately Fatality

  • Inspector Brackenreid recognizes his butcher, Jack Walker, in a photo with Owen Paxton, a murder victim. When Brackereid inquires if Walker was at the party the other night, Walker mentions that "that kind of thing didn't sit well with [him]." While Brackenreid walks away, Watts questions further, but Jack sticks to his story.
  • When new evidence comes to light, Jack is placed in the cells. Watts approaches him, asking for his help in locating the missing stamp collection. Jack agrees, but only if Watts will let him out for an hour so he can run an errand. The two make a deal, much to Brackenreid's anger later on.
  • Once the case is closed, with Jack cleared of suspicion, Watts visits his apartment to thank the man. However, when Watts hesitates to leave, Jack inquires, "is there something more?" Indeed there is. "Do you mind if I call you Jack?" the Detective asks. Jack doesn't answer and instead goes back inside his apartment, Watts following and closing the door on them.

The Killing Dose

  • Watts has stayed the night at Jack's apartment. J ack gives Watts a sandwich for his lunch and says he hopes Watts will come again, to which he replies "if anyone were to find out..." 
  • Jack cuts him off. "Some things are worth the risk."
  • Their relationship is threatened to be exposed when George catches Watts leaving Jack's apartment. Watts tries to explain to the constable that he's living with Jack because of money problems. However, George is not convinced and reassures Watts that he'll keep the true nature of the relationship under his hat.

In the Company of Women

Things Left Behind

  • Watts and Jack share their first on-screen kiss, albeit in the shadows of an alley, whereupon they discover a dead body.

The Future is Unwritten

  • Llewellyn and Jack have been found out by Detective Edwards, who proceeds to arrest and beat Jack and taunt Watts. When Watts comes to release Jack, the butcher begs him not to as it could ruin is reputation and career. It's unknown if their relationship still stands at this time, but is assumed they are still courting.


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