Iris Bajjali
Actor Athena Karkanis
Seen Evil Eye of Egypt
Murdoch and the Temple of Death
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Job Archaeologist
Iris Bajjali is a Doctor of Archaeology, an Egyptologist, who first introduced in Season 5 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Athena Karkanis.

Appearances and Mentions

Evil Eye of Egypt

  • She was part of an archaeological dig in Egypt which found a mummy which is exhibited in Toronto as "The Unknown Princess".
  • William and Iris have a budding intellectual attraction. As Inspector Brackenreid says to Murdoch, "You aren't always the most circumspect when an attractive intelligent woman is involved."
  • At the end of the episode, Iris moves on to Chicago with the exhibit. She returns to Toronto in Season 8

Murdoch and the Temple of Death

  • While trying to escape from William with the Holy Grail, Iris meets her demise by a lightning strike during a rainstorm.
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