Inspector Deakins
1209 Inspector Deakins (Bruce Gooch).png
Actor Bruce Gooch
Seen Secrets and Lies
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Police Inspector

Inspector Deakins is with the St. Mary's Police introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Bruce Gooch.

Appearances and Mentions

Secrets and Lies

  • Brackenreid reports the letter to Inspector Deakins and asks him what if the girl is being held against her will? Deakins points out then she couldn't have delivered the letter, adding "Youngsters all reach an age when they never need their parents anymore. Both parties seldom agree on when that is."
  • Inspector Deakins assures Brackenreid that Mr. Jenkins is a good man and that he questioned him after the Nomi's disappearance and is confident Jenkins had no involvement. Brackenreid retorts, "What if you're wrong?" Deakins states, "I failed her."



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