Imelda Craske
Imelda Craske.png
Actor Laura Condlin
Seen Murdochophobia
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Julia Ogden, therapist

Imelda Craske is a patient of Dr. Ogden's at the Provincial Lunatic Asylum in Season 7, portrayed by Laura Condlin.

Appearances and Mentions


  • Imelda is a violinist who has a phobia of playing in public.
  • Imelda is first seen playing the violin beautifully when George and Murdoch enter the ward. Not wanting to disturb her, she notices them anyways and tells them Sarah always kept her room locked.
  • Throughout the case, though the other patients' phobias are targeted, Imelda appears to be progressing, as she continually practices playing violin in the hallway as people pass.
  • When Dr. Ogden doubts the work she's been doing, her colleague points out Imelda, who is playing...but had been aware of their presence the whole time.


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