Ida Winston
Elementary ida winston.jpg
Actor Kerry Ann Doherty
Seen Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships Hubert Winston, husband

Ida Winston is a skeptical member of the Toronto Paranormal Society, and wife to Hubert Winston introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Kerry Ann Doherty.

Appearances and Mentions

Elementary, My Dear Murdoch

  • Ida Winston was having an affair with Fredrick Waters, the head of the Paranormal Society. Her husband (and everyone else) are aware of this.
  • Ida uncovers evidence that the popular medium, Sarah Pensell, is actually a fraud. She intended to make this evidence public; For that reason, she is shot and killed by Conrad Hunt in the offices of the Paranormal Society. Hunt is keen on keeping Pensell active because he believes she is in communication with his deceased son.
  • Ida was buried in a shallow grave and is discovered by Lisgar Gall, who had followed Hunt to gather information for Pensell.


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