Ian Potter
1016 Ian Potter.PNG
Actor Callan Potter
Seen Master Lovecraft
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)

Ian Potter is a member of "an odd-looking group of youths" in Season 10 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Callan Potter.

Appearances and Mentions

Master Lovecraft

  • Ian is filled with youthful angst and rebels against weath much like his friends, who each keep a room in Logan Smiley's house at 912 Wellington. The Logan house becomes the scene of a crime with a second murder that of a house member Sarah Glass.
  • It is revealed that Ian Potter and Ellen Woods were lovers and had planned a murder-suicide, imitating Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: Ian kills Ellen then cuts his wrists, but Clinton Hartley saves him – thwarting the lovers plan to be together "on the otherside".
  • Upon his arrest, Ian Potter remains eager to join Ellen and asks Murdoch if he can keep her necklace, so he can give it back to her when he is executed for her murder.


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