Hubert Marks
1207 Hubert Marks (Dylan Harman)
Actor Dylan Harman
Seen Brother's Keeper
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Street sweeper
Hubert Marks is the twin brother of murder victim Daniel Marks introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Dylan Harman.

Hubert Marks and his twin brother Daniel are the sons of the landlady who took care of twelve year old Llewelyn Watts when his sister abandoned him. Watts has always held them as his brothers and himself as their protector.

Appearances and Mentions

Brother's Keeper

  • Hubert Marks' twin brother Daniel was tortured and killed by Nigel Baker who was caught and convicted of the crime. A deep gash on Daniel's right hand suggested he had grabbed the knife trying to prevent further attack, but Baker insisted that a thumbmark on the weapon was put there by the police; A court order to re-examine the weapon found that the victim's thumbmark was indeed on the weapon – from the wrong hand. Thus, Nigel Baker was released.
  • When Danny was killed, Hubert was broken, they were inseparable – Danny was the funny one. Hubert went into a hole and was going to kill Nigel then, but Watts convinced him that justice will be done; He saw to it. They both did.
  • The night Nigel Baker is killed, Watts had received a call from Hubert. Constable Brackenreid confirms later to Crabtree that Watts hurried out of the Station House soon after.
  • During the course of the investigation, Murdoch presents five different scenarios of the murder to Watts based on the evidence gathered, none of them completely accurate,...but the discovery of Hubert Marks' tortured and dead body convinces Murdoch that Watts did not commit the murders.



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