Howard Rookwood
Childs play howard rookwood
Actor Robert Dodds
Seen Child's Play
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Flora Rookwood (wife)
Eva Rookwood (daughter)
Polly Dunlap (adopted daughter)
Job Businessman
Howard Rookwood is known by the public as a Toronto businessman and philanthropist introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Robert Dodds.

However, he was also a paedophile, a child molester, and was involved in an illegal horse thieving ring prior to being murdered.

Appearances and Mentions

Child's Play

  • With his partner, Peter Watt, Rookwood is co-owner of Rookwood & Watt Glue Factory and Tannery. He also works with Calvin Baker to help fundraise for Baker House.
  • Rookwood is married to Flora Rookwood with whom he had a daughter, Eva. Rookwood molested his daughter and when she grew old enough to be able to cause him trouble, he strangled her and then pushed her down the stairs to make her death look like an accident. Rookwood's valet, Miles Gorman, was a witness to the crime. Gorman blackmailed Rookwood and was paid $50 a month to keep silent.
  • Rookwood created a horse theft ring using orphaned boys as thieves. The horses were taken to his factory where they were rendered. Peter Watt knew about this scheme but chose to do nothing to stop it.
  • After the death of his daughter, Rookwood suggested to his wife that she might like a ladies' servant. They procured an orphan named Polly Dunlap from Baker House. Rookwood took a liking to Polly and the couple adopted her. They then began referring to Polly as Eva. Rookwood was also molesting Polly. When Flora discovered this, she murdered her husband.


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