Housekeeper Rose
1309 Rose (Jajube Mandiela)
Actor Jajube Mandiela
Seen The Killing Dose
Gender Female
Status Living
Job Housekeeper
Rose is the housekeeper to the Cooper family introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jajube Mandiela.

Appearances and Mentions

The Killing Dose

  • When question by Det. Murdoch and Special Constable Parker, Rose states that no one would hurt Miss Jane, no kinder lady, was loved by everyone who met her. Rose was not in the house when Miss Jane fell for Sundays are her day off; She leaves a cold meal for the family. She believes that it was an accident, "Miss Jane liked to go to the balcony on warm evenings to read." But no book was found on the balcony.
  • Rose is told that Miss Cooper suffered violent bruises to her upper arms and asked does she have any idea how those may have happened, Rose informs them that Miss Jane had argued with her father Mr Cooper.
  • Rose finds herself in the interview at the Station House answering questions about her tinctures after the box is found at the Cooper house. She explains that very little of the chloral hydrate is used in her tonics she makes to aid the Cooper sisters, "Miss Jane hardly even used them," and she has instructed them to leave the mixing to her.
  • In one of Miss Cooper's letters to her fiancé, she describes her volunteer work at The Haven and meeting a woman who she believed was Rose's sister. Rose explains that her sister is disturbed yet Miss Jane insisted that Rose visit her. She refused, "She had no right to judge me," but she didn't give Miss Jane the poison.
  • Rose points out that since Miss Jane already knew about her sister, "A bit of chloral wouldn't change that."



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