Hot Sausage aka Hot Dog
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Character George Crabtree
Detective Watts
Episode Journey to the Centre of Toronto
From Buffalo With Love
Concocting A Killer
Excitable Chap

Hot Sausage (aka Hot Dog, or Frankfurters), the new street food, was introduced in Season 7, an import from Coney Island, a resort and amusement park in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on the southern shore of Long Island.

George Crabtree introduces Dr. Grace to the latest culinary delights early in their relationship, more often 'street food' (early fast-food) for the working classes.

Appearances and Mentions

Journey to the Centre of Toronto

  • George asks Emily to join him for lunch, "There's a man here from Coney Island selling 'hotdogs'. Apparently they were a big thing at the Buffalo World's Fair." But she already ate lunch, sandwiches were served at the lecture she attended with Dr. Ogden . The speaker was an ardent believer in the most unusual theory about people living inside the hollows of the earth. "Gravity alone would preclude the idea that the world could be hollow." In the end scene, they enjoy the hot dogs and George glimpses a possible mole person.

From Buffalo With Love

  • After their first night together, consumating their relationship George tells Nina " was beyond... I mean... what I mean is we hardly know each other, and... Well, I just wanted you to know I am an honourable man." But Nina informs him, "I don't want to marry you, George!"  The conversation takes place as they walk by the Hot Sausage stand. "I'm not that kind of woman...the marrying kind."

Concocting A Killer

  • Detectives Murdoch and Watts discuss the case while having Hot Sausages at the stand in the park.

Excitable Chap

  • The Sausage King is murdered and his stand destroyed on Parliament Street. Pendrick's assistant Ashmi saw the murdered Sausage King, Gerard Waldkirch, only the day before in Pendrick's laboratory. Pendrick hates being interrupted by time-wasting meals and the Sausage King delivers them directly to the lab. While a popular chap, the Sausage King did mention that someone had recently damaged his cart and that a man was "out to get him," according to Ashmi. In the end it was just a restaurant man in a spat with a sausage vendor–

The Talking Dead

  • The Hot Dog becomes a murder weapon when poison is added to it in an attempt to kill Detective Watts.

Drowning in Money

Parker in the Rye


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