Herbert Humphreys
Herbert Humphreys
Actor Robert Mauriell
Seen Journey to the Centre of Toronto
Gender Male
Status Escaped
Relationships Elva Gordon, possible lover
Job Geologist

Herbert Humphreys is a shy geologist, yet a genius of seismic proportions, introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

Journey to the Centre of Toronto

  • Herbert is first seen introducing Elva Gordon before her talk, and seems to be soft-spoken and gentle. He later appears once more when the police come to investigate the museum after tracking the boring machine, muttering he'll have to unlock some doors for them.
  • However, Herbert is actually revealed to be the mastermind behind the mole machine and the thefts. He was on a quest for love, and was Miss Gordon's secret admirer. He had done everything for her so she could fulfil her dream of discovering the Hollow Earth...and offered to take her in the machine to find it. Elva and Herbert depart in the mole machine, with Herbert escaping justice.
  • Though the Inspector believes both to be dead, Murdoch reveals to Julia he'd taken a look at a seismograph and it indicated some unusual activity under Lake Ontario, seemingly hinting both were alive and well.
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