Harvey Crossland directed his seventh season and 13th episode of Murdoch Mysteries with Season 8.

Harvey Crossland received a Canadian Screen Award Nomination for ‘Best Directing In A Lifestyle Program’ for his Newfoundland episode of CHEF’S DOMAIN.

Harvey began his film and television career in Vancouver, Canada where he co-founded two production companies - Hy Perspectives Media Group and Siren Films. His production of the feature docudrama CLOSE TO HOME, about the continuum of sexual abuse, runaways and juvenile prostitution, became a nationally acclaimed MOW.

After the release of his Genie nominated feature film, THE BURNING SEASON, which he wrote and directed in Canada and India, Harvey moved to Toronto, Canada in 1993. He holds dual Canadian and Irish citizenship and is able to travel and work on both a Canadian and an EU passport.


Murdoch Without Borders (2018)
Operation: Murder (2018)
Brackenreid Boudoir (2017)
21 Murdoch Street (2017)
Painted Ladies (2016)
Jagged Little Pill (2016)
Bloody Hell (2016)
House of Industry (2016)
All That Glitters (2015)
Murdoch and the Temple of Death (2015)
Journey to the Centre of Toronto (2014)
Murdoch in Ragtime (2014)
The Ghost of Queen's Park (2013)
Murdoch Au Naturel (2013)
Staircase to Heaven (2012)
Who Killed the Electric Carriage? (2012)
Downstairs, Upstairs (2011)
Kommando (2011)
Rich Boy, Poor Boy (2010)
The Great Wall (2010)
Let Us Ask the Maiden (2009)


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