Harry Houdini
1311 Harry Houdini
Actor Joe Dinicol
Grisha Pasternak
Seen Houdini Whodunit
Staring Blindly into the Future
Gender Male
Status Historical
Job Magician
Comments This is an article about a fictional representation of an historical character, location or other entity.
Harry Houdini is a Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer, first introduced in Season 2 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed Joe Dinicol.


Harry Houdini (1874 - 1926) was a Hungarian-American magician and escapologist who also investigated fake spiritualists and was a skeptic.

Harry Houdini was born on March 24, 1874 in Budpest, Hungary, with the name of Ehrich Weisz. He was one of six children and the son of Rabbi Mayer Weisz and his second wife, Cecilia Steiner. In 1876, Mayer Weisz immigrated to the United States with the dream of a better life. He found work as a rabbi and changed his last name to Weiss. In 1876, the remainder of the family joined him in the United States.

As a stage name, Ehrich Weiss became Harry Houdini by adding an ìiî to the last name of his idol, French magician Robert Houdin. Harry is simply an Americanized version of his nickname, Ehrie. At 17, Ehrich, now known as Harry Houdini, left his family to pursue his magic career. By the age of twenty, Harry had been performing small acts throughout New York. He soon married and joined a circus where he began to develop and perfect his escape tricks.

Through the years, Houdini gained fame after repeatedly escaping from police handcuffs and jails. Harry was even given certificates from various wardens for escaping from their prisons. After making his name in America, Harry toured Europe, where he expanded his repertoire by escaping from straitjackets and coffins. Eventually, Harry was able to accomplish his dream of having a full show dedicated to his magic. – Excerpts from The Great Harry Houdini.

(Also: Houdini's hard times in Canada )

Appearances and Mentions

Houdini Whodunit

  • Harry Houdini is putting on shows in Toronto. During a performance, a bank next door is robbed and the guard killed. Houdini becomes the prime suspect because he will not disclose his whereabouts at the time.
  • Eventually,Murdoch and the Constabulary learns that the man billed as Houdini's brother, Leopold Romanow who was a former engineer and thief who had helped construct the banks vault, killed both the guard and the bank manager.
  • Ruby Ogden, Julia's sister, is working as Houdini's assistant to collect information for a story she is writing. She astutely analyzed Julia's and William's attraction for each other.

Staring Blindly into the Future

  • When Nikola Tesla fails to show up for his speech and has vanished – out of thin air from his room, Harry Houdini is asked by Murdoch, Dr. Ogden, and the Inspector to help since he is the only escape artist at the symposium.
  • After ruling out Tesla repelling down six floors without a ledge in sight, Houdini demonstrates a possible disappearing trick for them.


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