813 Hannah.png
Actor Tara Nicodemo
Seen The Incurables
Gender Female
Status Criminal, (institutionalized)

Hannah (last name unknown) is a woman locked in the same ward at the Provincial Lunatic Asylum as other female antagonists (from previous episodes) in Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteriesportrayed by Tara Nicodemo.

Appearances and Mentions

The Incurables

  • Before Hannah had come to the asylum, she had killed children because she couldn't bear their suffering. At the ward, her room is full of dolls, who she calls her "babies."
  • Hannah's first appearance is when she kindly lets Girlie (Charlotte's child personality) to help her take care of her dolls.
  • Hannah asked George to take her baby, "Suzanne's" finger marks, as she would like that. She seems to be sweet, polite, and soft-spoken.
  • When she is questioned about Nurse Collins, however, she tells Dr. Ogden and Detective Murdoch that she was an evil woman, who took her babies at the slightest provocation. This, however, may have been a lie.
  • When Dr. Ogden is captured by the other women, Hannah doesn't help either side, only begs them to be quiet. Maddie (Charlotte's tough personality) gets so annoyed that she smashes her doll's china head. Hannah collapses in tears, and Girlie returns to the surface, and attempts to comfort her friend, though Hannah pulls away.
  • It is unknown what happened after Dr. Ogden was rescued, but most likely she and the other women in the ward were locked away once more.


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