Gus Shanley
Gus Shanley.PNG
Actor Jonathan Goad
Seen Concocting A Killer
Gender Male
Status In prisoned
Relationships Dorothy Ramsey (ex-wife)

Phillip Shanley Ramsay (son)

Job Criminal

Gus Shanley was convicted of murdering his friend in 1892 due to the evidence provided by Detective Murdoch and Dr. Ogden.

Appearances and Mentions

Concocting A Killer

  • Believing Rex Landon was being too forward with his wife, Shanley put thallium in his friend's cocoa one night after dinner. Shanley had purchased the cocoa and thallium the day before the murder and Murdoch found the cocoa tin in Shanley's home.
  • While in prison, Shanley finds a scientist in New York City who can prove Dr. Ogden's initial testing could have been wrong. Shanley understands that if he can raise a question about one key piece of evidence than the entire case will be thrown out. He is freed by the Crown while his case is re-investigated.


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