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The Grand Theatre in Toronto was owned by Virgil Smart and his wife Stella Smart until May 1892 when Stella murdered her husband for having an affair with Ellen Granger. At the time, the theatre was involved in a production of Macbeth.

After Virgil's death, Stella and her fellow cast mates were afraid they might lose the theatre so the troupe helped Stella cover up the fact that Virgil had been murdered. Arthur Wellesley killed Edward Green who happened to look like Virgil. They switched the bodies and hid Virgil's body between the floor joists above the stage in the theatre. People assumed Virgil had died of natural causes and Edward had moved on from Toronto.

In 1895, during another performance of Macbeth, dripping water caused a rot in the theatre floor joists and Virgil's body fell to the stage. Detective William Murdoch was able to discover the identity of the body and piece together the particulars of the crime. Stella Smart, Arthur Wellesley, Ellen Granger and David Martin were arrested.

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  • This theatre is fictional and not related to the actual Grand Opera House built in Toronto in 1874.