Goldie Huckabee
1303 Goldie Huckabee.png
Actor Jonelle Gunderson
Seen Forever Young
Toronto the Bad
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Raymond Huckabee, husband (deceased)
Job Undisclosed

Goldie Huckabee and her husband Raymond are new neighbours of Julia and Murdoch, introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Jonelle Gunderson.

Appearances and Mentions

Forever Young

  • Goldie Huckabee and her husband Ray impose themselves on William Murdoch to view his unusual house.
  • When informed that there is a Mrs. Murdoch, a somewhat disappointed but undeterred Goldie replies, "Oh, your doctor's a wife? Oh! I said it the wrong way around."
  • Later, when Hamish Slorach is visiting, Goldie and Ray return "We couldn't let our favourite neighbour go without a woman's cooking. It's potted duck." And Slorach, not one to turn down food, leaves William no excuse to decline their company.
  • Goldie and Ray third drop in occurs because Slorach mentioned his visiting again. This time, Goldie makes a physical pass under the table along with a wink at William.

Toronto the Bad

  • Goldie Huckabee ingratiates her friendship onto gracious Julia Ogden – with surreptitious intent.

Fox Hunt

Kill Thy Neighbour

  • Goldie Huckabee was staying with her mother, but she spoke to Raymond on the phone before he went to work at 8:00 the morning he was murdered.
  • Goldie Huckabee accuses the Detective of all sorts of strange things, "Like, lend us his lawnmower then take it back in the middle of the night. Loosen the bolts on our carriage wheels. He even accused Raymond of killing me," then, hands the Inspector a dossier on William Murdoch. She knew no one would believe her so she has hired a private investigator a few weeks earlier.
  • Goldie Huckabee describes herself as "a little bit psychic", explaining "That man and his wife are waging a campaign of intimidation against us".



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