Gleeful Bouncer a.k.a. Jolly Jumper
910 Gleeful Bouncer
Inventor William Murdoch

Gleeful Bouncer (a.k.a. Jolly Jumper) was invented by William Murdoch for his adopted baby son, Roland, in Season 9.

After Inspector Brackenreid shows the new father how to entertain his son by bouncing him on his knee, Murdoch devises a way to replicate that so the Detective and the good Doctor can continue to work and still have happy Roland near them - not missing a moment. William creates one for their home at Windsor House Hotel, one for his office at Station House No.4 and one for the City Morgue.

After reuniting Roland with his birth father, Murdoch packs them up and has them delivered to Roland's father Mr. Connors.

Appearances and Mentions

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A Case of The Yips

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  • According to the Jolly Jumper website, their signature product was first invented in 1910. However, despite company claims of being 'The Original Baby Exerciser', the baby jumper existed before then.


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