Gilbert Birkins
Glass ceiling gilbert birkins.jpg
Actor Rick Roberts
Seen The Glass Ceiling
Gender Male
Status Criminal, (arrested)
Job Physician, Inventor

Dr. Gilbert Birkins is a Toronto medical doctor and a part time inventor, introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

The Glass Ceiling

  • Gilbert Birkins owns Birkins Farms in Mimico and his medical practice is in Toronto. Birkins had shared his practice with a Dr. Sherman (now deceased).
  • As an inventor and business man, Birkins partnered with Percival Pollack, who often invested funds in Birkins' inventions.
  • When Pollack pulls out as investor in Birkins' Motorcycle, Birkins murders him.


  • Birkins, applicant Patent number 405060: Corn Shards breakfast product made from reconstituted corn pulp, meant to be eaten with cold milk. Birkins was sure it would take off but "that Kellogg fellow hadn't got his product on the market first".
  • The mechanized-bicycle, the future Motorcycle.


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