George Crabtree senior
1304 George Crabtree Senior (Colm Feore).png
Actor Colm Feore
Seen Prodigal Father
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships George Crabtree, son
Gracie Brooks, former lover, mother of his son
Job Entrepreneur

George Crabtree senior is first introduced as the Host to The Toronto of Tomorrow presentation in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Colm Feore.

Appearances and Mentions

Prodigal Father

  • Upon questioning the Host of the event in which a waiter dies, the constable reveals that he has heard of some incredible rumours about the waterfront futuristic community and asks if it is possible in Toronto considering its a fairly small city. The Host hands him a pamphlet and asks for his name so he can be the first on the list of potential residents. Then, some confusion over the his own name George Crabtree ensues as the constable's name is also George Crabtree.
  • The constable asks him, "Do you remember where you were in the summer of 1866?" Yes, it was my first visit to Toronto. "And do you remember a woman named Gracie Brooks?" Yes, of course, he never forgets a name and would certainly not forget such a fine woman. The young Crabtree informs him that she is his mother and believes older Crabtree to be his father. "How terribly terrific! Incredible! I had no idea I had a son. This is cause for celebration..." But Constable Crabtree needs a minute.., "We need to make up for lost time, son." His newly found son replies, "But some other time," and walks away.
  • According to George Crabtree Sr., one can take a measure of a town by its bakeries. The undeterred and rather happy father arrives at the Station House with two dozen of the best, "whatever it is", for the boys with gratitude for keeping the Toronto safe. Then, meeting the Inspector for the first time, he introduces himself as George Crabtree senior, adding with some pride, "I do like the sound of that".


  • Set to direct the episode, Yannick Bisson was at a car dealership when Colm Feore, hopping out of a car from a test drive, began ribbing Bisson about "How many years are you going to go and not let me be on your show? You’ve had everybody in the show except me!" Bisson immediately told him that he was perfect for a upcoming role. This was followed by schedule changes to make it possible. [* ]


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