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The George-Effie Relationship, nicknamed "Geffie", is the romance between George Crabtree and Effie Newsome introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries.


In Season 12, George Crabtree and Effie Newsome are brought together by Ruth Newsome in her second attempt to be George’s match-maker and once again, it backfires – with blackmail and comic mishap.

By Season 13, the George-Effie Relationship has been consummated, but not married; Toward the end of Season 15, thye are closer to getting married...

Appearances and Mentions

My Big Fat Mimico Wedding

  • George Crabtree and Effie Newsome are introduced to each other by Ruth. When George attempts to make conversation, Effie states, "I just got out of one marriage; I'm hardly looking to race into another."

Drowning in Money

Darkness Before the Dawn Part 1


  • George Crabtree and Effie Newsome have consummated their relationship.

Bad Pennies

Prodigal Father

The Killing Dose

  • George Crabtree and Effie Newsome are getting ready for the new day after a night together. Effie is trying to persuade George to submit the manuscript of his book to the publisher. 

Everything is Broken Part 1

  • George plans to propose to Effie but is undermined by Dorothy Ernst.

Sweet Amelia

  • After yet another ordeal with the Ernst sisters, George and Effie agree it is time to the knot.