George-Edna Relationship
Characters George Crabtree and Edna Brooks (née Garrison)
Nickname Gedna
Level Engaged (ended) just friends (current)
Status Ended

The George-Edna relationship is the relationship between characters George Crabtree and Edna Brooks (née Garrison). Their relationship began and ended in the first episode of Season 1. In Season 8, Edna re-enters George's life, with a past of her own. Fans have nicknamed this relationship Gedna. 

Appearances and Mentions

Edna's first appearance is during the season one episode Power, where she's a young, single woman who objects to the exploitation of animals and a member of the Toronto Humane Society. After a date with George Crabtree, who is a constable at Stationhouse 4, Edna invites George into her room for tea. She is cleared of all suspicion by the end of the episode. They also kiss in this episode, which remains George's only kiss until Season 6.

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