Gail Harvey is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker who has studied under Norman Jewison, Wim Wenders, Arthur Penn and Daniel Petrie.

"A movie director for me is a visual fiction writer," says Harvey. "It's about telling the story, and connecting with the actors to make something truer than life."

She won an international reputation by creating deep and insightful work that helped her transcend the traditional role of the on-set still photographer. Her appeal stems from an ability to capture, in a single frame, the enduring presence and complex personalities of her subjects. Among them are Shirley MacLaine, Diane Keaton, Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Taylor, Faye Dunaway, Martin Sheen, Mel Gibson, Robert Mitchum and Tony Curtis. It was through her years of photographing actors, and understanding their creative processes, that she became fascinated with the moving image.

Harvey lives in Toronto, loves Paris and tries to get to her summer place in Prince Edward Country whenever she’s not working.

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