Franklin Williams
1018 Franklin Williams
Actor Robin Dunne
Seen Hell to Pay
Up From Ashes
Gender Male
Status Criminal (arrested)
Relationships Robert Graham (partner)
Job Councilman to the Board of Control of Toronto

Franklin Williams is the newly elected councilman to the Board of Control of Toronto introduced in the Season 10 finale, Hell to Pay, played by Robin Dunne.

Twenty years earlier, Constable Brackenreid had arrested young Frank Williams for robbery but his father made it go away, now Williams is running the Board of Control – and City Hall.

Appearances and Mentions

Hell to Pay

  • In cahoots with a ruthless developer Robert Graham who holds the secrets of almost every elected city official, the Inspector warns his Detective if he wants to go after the newly elected Councilor Williams and Robert Graham, Murdoch is going to need more than the words of a dance-hall girl and a socialist's wife.
  • Williams re-instated Davis from City Records to Chief Constable and puts him in charge of the manhunt for Murdoch.
  • Last seen with a bloody nose (possibly broken), given to Williams by Dr. Ogden who he kidnapped. Her undercut punch uncovers his hood, revealing his identity and that knowledge jeopardizes Julia's life.

Up From Ashes

  • Franklin Williams brings Miss Penelope Marsh from London to take charge of Station House No. 4, replacing Inspector Brackenreid and to elicit a confession from suspected murder William Murdoch.
  • Councilor Williams wants that confession so that he and Robert Graham will not be suspected of any work doing nor charged in the foreseeable future.


  • Actor Robin Dunne, who plays Franklin Williams, played in another Canadian show, Sanctuary – only he played a good guy.


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