Fiona Faust
1108 Fiona Faust
Actor Kelly McNamee
Seen Brackenreid Boudoir
Gender Female
Status Living
Job Cyclist, world traveler

Fiona Faust is a cyclist attempting to the complete the Bicycle World Tour 1905,  introduced in Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Kelly McNamee.

Appearances and Mentions

Brackenreid Boudoir

  • To Fiona her bicycle is not just any bicycle because it is a valuable to her. Watts asks why would she ride around the world, she replies, “Why does one do anything? I had a desire.”
  • Watts discovers that Fiona has traveled nearly the entire world. She simply has to cross the continent and arrive in Vancouver, then she shall be have completed what she started, which is most important to her: finishing what she has started.
  • While she doesn’t consider Toronto to be the most interesting city she has ever visited, she has no complaints about her current company. She asks him if that was too forward. Watts observes, “You're a woman who has traveled the world unchaperoned. I don't imagine here is such a thing as ‘too forward’ in your books.” Delighted, she responds with, “I must say, I do like you, Mr. Watts.” It's Detective, actually…“But please, call me Llewellyn.” Then she repeats herself, “I must say, I do like you Llewelyn.”
  • Fiona shares with the Station House constables, “I doubt little impressed me more than Constantinople. The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia. A city half in Europe and half in Asia. So where is it, then? Eurasia, I suppose.” This confuses Higgins and George asks if she has seen Egypt. “I camped under the visage of the Great Sphinx; luncheoned by the pyramids of Khufu; swam in waters of the Nile river. It's incredible to walk the roads of a civilization eons older than our own. Yes, I most certainly did see Egypt. And one day, I hope to see it again.” Then, Murdoch walks by telling them all to get back to work.
  • While Fiona has been enjoying her time in Toronto, she has to get back onto her journey. She buys a new bicycle, unaware that Watts had actually found her old one. Reluctently, Watts then reveals that he'd already found her old bike, admitting that he thought he might be able to keep her in Toronto if he kept it hidden.


  • Fiona's character may have been inspired by Annie Cohen Kopchovsky (1870–1947), known as Annie Londonderry, a Latvian immigrant to the United States who in 1894–95 became the first woman to bicycle around the world. She was a free-thinking woman, who reinvented herself under her pseudonym as an entrepreneur, athlete, and globetrotter.


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