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Air Dates May 13, 2004-October 14, 2004
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On television, the Murdoch Mysteries phenomenon began with a series of three Films produced by Shaftesbury Films in 2004.

All three are based directly on the oringinal novels by Maureen Jennings.

The films star Peter Outerbridge as William Murdoch, Keeley Hawes as Julia Ogden, Colm Meaney as Thomas Brackenreid and Matthew MacFadzean as George Crabtree.

1 of 3 Janet MacLean Michael DeCarlo
Except the Dying May 13, 2004
Detective William Murdoch investigates the murder of a young girl found drugged and strangled in an alley in the red light district.
2 of 3 Janet MacLean Michael DeCarlo
Poor Tom Is Cold September 12, 2004
When Constable Oliver Wicken is found shot through the head in the basement of an abandoned house, everyone but Detective Murdoch seems satisfied to put it down to suicide.
3 of 3 Janet MacLean John L'Ecuyer
Under the Dragon's Tail October 14, 2004
Detective Murdoch investigates the murder of Dolly Capshaw.
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