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Ezekiel Farrelly is an old man, from West Bay, Newfoundland and the killer of Peter Farrelly in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by James Binkley.

Appearances and Mentions

Republic of Murdoch

  • Before the episode, Ezekiel Farrelly had left his native Newfoundland and moved to Toronto, buying a house.
  • After arranging a meeting with Peter Farrelly, Ezekiel took a Prestige cab to the Queen's Hotel from his home. The man was able to overpower Peter and beat him to death, stealing a piece of the linen map in the process.
  • When the detectives enter the Toronto residence of Ezekiel Farrelly, they discover glasses with chloral hydrate in them, along with chloral hydrate itself. The police surmise that Peter and Ezekiel tried to poison each other, but Ezekiel was still able to escape.
  • It was difficult for Murdoch and Crabtree to find Ezekiel because the other West Bay Farellys hid him. Murdoch sent Crabtree pretending to be an East Bay Farrelly to see if he can draw Ezekiel out with the map in his pocket.
  • After the West Bay Farrellys made Crabtree so drunk he passed out, they gave the linen map to Ezekiel, leaving Crabtree on the dock with a fish in his jacket.
  • Later, Doyle, Crabtree and Murdoch stake out the location for Ezekiel. After an initial misunderstanding, the trio spot Ezekiel as he sets down his things to begin digging. However, Ezekiel sees them and tries to flee, but trips over his bag. Murdoch grabs hold of him before he falls off a cliff, though he throws the linen map into the ocean. After rescuing Ezekiel, Murdoch tell him that he is arrested for the murder of Peter Farrelly.
  • Ezekiel is last mentioned as being taken back to Toronto for judgment, after spending a few hours in a Newfoundland cell while the policemen said their good-byes.

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