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Except the Dying was the first television movie adapted from the books by Maureen Jennings.


In this film, William Murdoch is introduced, as a man of strong principles, who uses his unique abilities to solve crimes, sometimes using advanced science for his time. On the street of Toronto, in the 1890s, a body of a prostitute is found, murdered in a back alley. Inspector Brackenreid decides that this is an accidental death, but Murdoch feels there's more to the situation at hand.

As Murdoch digs deeper into the prostitute's death, he discovers that there is something more sinister going and that the young girl was actually a housemaid for a very rich and prominent family in Toronto.

Her autopsy reveals she was pregnant and had opium in her system, which makes Murdoch even more suspicious of her death. With the help of Dr. Julia Ogden, Murdoch solves the crime and brings justice for a young girl's wrongful death.


Historical References


Main Cast

Peter Outerbridge as Detective William Murdoch
Colm Meaney as Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
Keeley Hawes as Dr. Julia Ogden
Flora Montgomery as Bernadette "Ettie" Weston
Matthew MacFadzean as George Crabtree

Supporting Cast

William B. Davis as Alderman Godfrey Shepcote
Kate Trotter as Donalda Rhodes
Richard Zeppieri as Canning
Steven McCarthy as Hugh Rhodes
Philip Graeme as Oliver Wicken
Joe Pingue as Professor Otranto
Rebecca Gibson as Alice Duff
Arne MacPherson as John Foy
Ellen Dubin as Olive Foy
Doreen Brownstone as Beatrice Kitchen
Victor Cowie as Arthur Kitchen
John Bluethner as Father Garneau
David Turnbull as Joe Seaton
Meaghen Cullen as Theresa Laporte
Mary Wall as Harriette Shepcote
Mairi Babb as Clarice Kirkpatrick

Other Cast

Steve Ratzlaff as Mr. Soamers (as Steven Ratzlaff)
Cameron Ansell as Ben(as Cameron Joseph Amell)
David Macniven as Keene(as David MacNiven)
Brian Drader as Quinn
Katlin Mathison as Jackie
Ilena Zaramba as Tart
CindyMarie Small as Liza
Mike Bell as Police Photographer
David Stuart Evans as Constable (as David Evans)
Peter Bailey as Piano Player
Mario De Negri as Transsexual Hooker (as Mario DeNegri)
Arlea Ashcroft as Prostitute(uncredited)

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