Evelyn Matthews
1216 Evelyn Matthews (Tannis Burnett)
Actor Tannis Burnett
Seen Manual for Murder
Gender Female
Status Living
Job Hotel Manager
Evelyn Matthews is the owner and manager of the Windsor House Hotel introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Tannis Burnett.

Appearances and Mentions

Manual for Murder

  • Evelyn Matthews reports an unusual statue delivered anonymously to the lobby of the Windsor House Hotel to the Toronto Constabulary, which Ralph Fellows recognizes from previous news reports on the murder case featured in Chapter One of Solving Murder.
  • When it is discovered that Becky Collins' friend was named Eve – could be short for Evelyn, Murdoch interviews Evelyn Matthews.
  • Evelyn Matthews, maiden name Wilson, was friends with Rebecca Winters in the late '60, hired the Pinkerton Detective Agency, and was a patient of Dr. Morley's - she is connected to the murdered victims in the case. Evelyn Matthews tells Murdoch that it doesn't mean she had reason to kill any of them. But Murdoch believes she deliberately set out to destroy Ralph Fellows' life,..."and for the coup de grace, you set him up for murder and were prepared to watch him hang for it", then adding Evelyn Matthews' birth name is Catharine Evelyn Fellows.
  • "Fortune had nothing to do with it. He got everything he wanted because he was a little bootlicker, replies Evelyn, "And as for me, every time I stepped out of line, he was there with his magnifying glass and abductive reasoning to find me out and turn me in."
  • Evelyn Matthews informs Murdoch that it was Ralph who uncovered their father's adultery that ended their parents' marriage. Everything bad that happened he made happen, "It's his fault! All of it... I dedicated myself to squelching his ambition, and I don't regret it. He would have made a terrible detective. The truth was staring him in the face the whole time." Evelyn even hired Ralph just to make his life miserable and he never put it together that his own sister was the architect of all his bad luck. "What an idiot. So, go ahead, charge me."



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