Eunice Farrelly
Actor Dana Puddicombe
Seen Republic of Murdoch
Gender Female
Status Alive
Job Antique store owner
Eunice Farrelly is a woman from Eastbay and wife of Peter Farrelly in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Dana Puddicombe

Appearances and Mentions

Republic of Murdoch

  • Eunice was first mentioned when the chief of police sent a man to tell her about her husband's death at their antiquities shop.
  • She tells the detective that she knew that there was trouble when he didn't telegraph her when he got to Toronto. Eunice reveals that Peter had left to buy a map from Jacob Doyle. After recognizing him from the police sketch, Eunice speaks of how he came in a week earlier with a linen paper, possibly mid-18th century, and offered to sell it. However, when Peter tried to buy it for 20 dollars, a great deal more than it was worth, Eunice knew something was up.
  • When asked if she knew how Jacob Doyle obtained the document, she commented that he said he won it in a poker game from one Clay Murphy . She gives them directions and sees them off.

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