Erma Fairhurst
1001 Erma Fairhurst.PNG
Actor Stefne Mercedes
Seen Great Balls of Fire, Part 1
Great Balls of Fire, Part 2
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Job Debutante

Erma Fairhurst is a Toronto debutante who at twenty-three years of age is sadly considered past her prime. It is believed that she is in attendance at the ball because her family is picking up the cost of the entire event.

Miss Fairhurst was pledged to Rodney Strong, ever since childhood, something both families wanted when they were children, but it isn't the case now. Mr. Strong has no interest in her, especially after Erma was committed to an asylum.

Appearances and Mentions

Great Balls of Fire, Part 1

  • Her father had Erma committed ten years ago, in hopes to cure her of her fear of fire.
  • He took up smoking when she was a young child. He fell asleep and lit their house on fire. She found the idea of smoking intolerable but her father couldn't not stop, so he sent her to the asylum for the cure.

Great Balls of Fire, Part 2


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