Emily-Lillian Relationship
Emily-Lillian Relationship.PNG
Characters Emily Grace and Lillian Moss (Helen Walker)
Nickname Emillian
Level Kissed
Status Ended (Due to Lillian's death)

The Emily-Lillian relationship, named Emillian by some fans, is the relationship between characters Emily Grace and Lillian Moss.

Season 8

Emily and Lillian first meet in the episode High Voltage and it is not long after that one can see Lillian is attracted to Emily. It is revealed early on Lillian is not interested in men, and in the episode Toronto's Girl Problem, Emily and Lillian end up kissing.

Season 9

In season 9, Lillian and Emily are going to leave Toronto to live in London. Unfortunately Lillian is killed before they leave, so Emily leaves for London alone.



Emillian Shipper (murdoch mysteries)

Lillian and Emily in Nolo Contendere

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