Emily-Jerome Relationship
Murdoch Night in Canada Emily-Jerome
Characters Jerome Bradley and Emily Grace
Nickname none
Level Engaged
Status Broken up

Jerome-Emily Relationship is a short lived engagement between Dr. Emily Grace and Jerome Bradley.

Appearances and Mentions

Murdoch Night in Canada

  • We find out that Emily Grace was engaged to Jerome Bradley but broke it off. He claimed she left him stranded at the altar, but Emily disagreed and said that she had give him plenty of warning. He countered and said that the wedding invites had already been mailed out.
  • He invites her to dinner and she agrees. When they go to dinner, Jerome tries to win Emily back but she is not interested.
  • It is revealed that they were to be married on Saturday, June 10, 1894 at 3'o clock pm at St John's Church, 170 Beaufort Gardens in Ontario. Jerome tried to reschedule it for December 9, 1899
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