Elizabeth Milner
Elementary liza.jpg
Actor Natalie Roy
Seen Elementary, My Dear Murdoch
Mentioned Except the Dying (novel)
The Glass Ceiling
Let Loose the Dogs
Belly Speaker
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relationships William Murdoch, fiancé)

Elizabeth "Liza" Milner was engaged to be married to William Murdoch, introduced in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries and portrayed by Natalie Roy. She died of consumption sometime in 1894 (Except the Dying).

Appearances and Mentions

Elementary, My Dear Murdoch

  • The medium, Sarah Pensell, claims to be in contact with Liza from beyond the grave. At a seance, she recollects a day spent in the park with Murdoch and a necklace with a silver horse pendant on it. Pensell tells Murdoch that Liza would not speak through her again. Liza wants Murdoch to move on with his life.

The Glass Ceiling (Mention)

  • During his interview for potential promotion to the rank of Inspector, Murdoch tells Chief Constable Stockton that his fiancée Liza Milner died of consumption the prior year.

Let Loose the Dogs (Mention)

  • During his investigation into the murder of John Delaney, William Murdoch told Phillip Delaney that his pocket watch had been a gift from Liza.

Belly Speaker (Mention)


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