Election Dayis the seventeenth episode of the eighth season of the Murdoch Mysteries and the one hundred-thirteenth episode of the series. It first aired March 23, 2015.


Voting day has arrived and fortunately Detective Murdoch took the precaution of voting at an advance poll while Constable Crabtree and Inspector Brackenreid find a dead man lying on the alley near the Polling Station.

The man has a fake mustache and has a card on him in the name of Plantagenet McCarthy. He was the first to vote when the polls opened along with his friend, Alexander Cuddy.

Murdoch finds the dead man's apartment but he is knocked out by a noxious gas. He awakens to find himself face to face with spy master Terrence Meyers who informs Murdoch that McCarthy was one of his agents and that they are tracking a German spy determined to learn more about Canada's armament industry.

Of course, Meyers isn't entirely forthcoming with all his information. Vernon Snipe matches the age of a person with an old vendetta against Plantaganet McCarthy and Wolfgang Tensor does not exist and is nothing more than a product of Meyer's imagination.

Murdoch is convinced the killer came from inside the Polling Station and discovers the murder weapon is a piece of twine used to secure ballots.

Meanwhile, the suffragettes learn that their candidate has been left off the ballot forcing them to take action, closing Polling station for 6 hours to get Margaret Haile on the ballot. Mr Lowrey a voting clerk is spotted with twine marks on gloves and has no viable alibi.

Crabtree is elated to learn that he is to become the new detective at Station House No. 3. He proposes to Edna but their happiness is short lived. Their lives become far more complicated and puts George in an untenable situation.

Character Revelations


Historical References

  • Clara Brett Martin (1874 – 1923), born to Abram and Elizabeth Martin, a well-to-do Anglican-Irish family, opened the way for women to become lawyers in Canada by being the first in the British Empire in 1897.
  • The young girl whom the suffragettes meet and inspire turns out to be none other than Agnes Macphail, the first woman to be elected to the Canadian House of Commons, and one of the first two women elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.
  • William Beattie Nesbitt (1866 – 1913) was an Ontario physician, manufacturer and political figure. He represented Toronto North in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as a Conservative member from 1902 to 1906.
  • The Second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).



Main Cast

Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig as Thomas Brackenreid
Jonny Harris as George Crabtree
Georgina Reilly as Emily Grace

Recurring Cast

Arwen Humphreys as Margaret Brackenreid
Peter Keleghan as Terrence Meyers
Nicole Underhay as Margaret Haile
Sara Mitich as Lillian Moss
Tamara Hope as Edna Brooks (née Garrison)
Percy Hynes White as Simon Brooks
Patricia Fagan as Clara Brett Martin

Guest Cast

Andrew Stelmack as Dr. William Beattie Nesbitt
Jeffrey Wetsch as George Marter
David Talbot as Vernon Snipe
Justin Goodhand as Elmer Lowrie
Eric Craig as Patrick Trimble
Zoe Fraser as Agnes MacPhail
Mishka Thedaud as Alexander Cuddy
Kent Sheridan as Duncan Hogan
David Miller as Sergeant Archibald Brooks
Thomas Saunders as Johannes Schmidt
J. Craig Sandy as Burt Larsen


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