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Effie Newsome is Ruth Newsome's dear, dear, dear, dear cousin of the Wexford Newsomes, first introduced in Season 12 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Clare McConnell.

The newly divorced Fiona "Effie" Newsome was married to Roderick H. Roderick prior to Season 12.

Character Arc - Season 12

My Big Fat Mimico Wedding

  • Effie Newsome of the Wexford Newsomes is not too well off, but still a Newsome and divorced.
  • Effie is the Ruth Newsome's matron of honor. Playing matchmaker for George Crabtree, Ruth eagerly introduces her to Henry's best man, but Effie immediately informs George, "I just got out of one marriage, I'm hardly looking to race into another."
  • Upon finding Crabtree's lost best-man speech, Effie holds it hostage, saying she'll only return it if George will do a small favour for her: find a set of heirloom pearls. They were a wedding gift from her late grandmother until after her divorce, Rupert invited himself over and stole them; Rupert later rationalizes that when Effie ceased to be wed, they ceased to be hers. When he refuses, she taunts with, "then I suppose I'll have to tell Ruth about Roger..."
  • Effie retrieves her pearls after Crabtree told her which gift it was in. However, Crabtree later came knocking on her door, demanding the pearls, as Ruth found out, but Effie was unconcerned. She refused to allow Crabtree his speech, knowing if she opened the door, he'll just take back the pearls, so he leaves in defeat. Crabtree later sneaks into Effie's room while she is out.
  • The next day, Effie later confronts Crabtree for stealing back the pearls. Though he denied her accusations, she threatened to hand his speech over to Ruth. He brushed off her threat, pointing out she'd only be hurting Ruth. Concluding he was right, Effie tried to return his speech to his boat pocket, unaware she was placing it in Higgins' coat, which was discovered by Ruth before Effie could stop her.
  • When Uncle Connie came under suspicion of embezzling the Newsome family fortune and the attempts on Higgins' life, Effie debunked Connie's alibi about supposedly being with Cousin Plum, as while she was smoking, she spotted Plum walking the gardens alone.
  • As the wedding proceeded without further interruptions, Effie commented that the pearls did look better on Ruth.

Drowning in Money

  • Effie is representing a cousin of hers, Marty Erskine, who is suing George Crabtree for faulty brake work done on his motorcar that resulted in serious injuries. Because Henry Higgins-Newsome had recently been hired to Bloom and Crabtree Autoshop, Effie is predisposed to place the blame on her new relative.
  • Effie later accosts Crabtree while he's grabbing a hot dog, telling him that her client had limited the recompense to medical expenses and car repair. Crabtree takes umbrage at her comments towards Higgins to the point where he refuses a settlement.
  • Effie later answers Crabtree's summons to Sally Singers' Dance Hall, apparently agreeing to settle out of court, but not before he offers her a dance inside. They subsequently bump into Marty, who was completely uninjured. As Crabtree excused himself, an upset Effie slaps her cousin and drags him out of the hall.

Darkness Before the Dawn Part 1

  • Effie Newsome arrives at the Station House on a mission. George asks if it is to sue him again. She informs him that she is on a professional errand as she is articling for the Crown Attorney: She is tasked to research all files on the enforcement of the Chinese laundry tax. George asks, "What did you do wrong?"
  • Nothing, in fact, Effie Newsome has reached the top of her class. "Well, trust a lawyer to work that into the conversation," retorts Constable Crabtree to which Miss Newsome counters with, "Trust a constable to take offence."
  • This is a plum assignment for her so she intends on doing her best work, give her the records and she assures him that she shall be on her way. Afraid not, Constable Crabtree informs Miss Newsome that the files can not be taken out of the Station House. As a result, they spend some time together at the Station House – sharing George's desk in the end.

Darkness Before the Dawn Part 2

  • George seeks Effie's help in order to clear John Brackenreid's name and take down the corrupt people behind everything. He asks her if she could find him some documents, and though hesitant, she agrees.
  • Effie sends George's new manuscript to the Deakons of Canada, without his knowledge. Upon finding this out, George meets up with her, angry at the fact. She tells him to rip it up. "It's obvious you're too afraid to write the rest of your book. Because if you do and it's not any good, it'll prove you're not a real writer." George claims he's already a real writer, but Effie disagrees.
  • At the end of the episode, George finds Effie packing up her desk, as she's been fired for her previous action of gethering confidential files for him. Effie has recieved an offer for a new job already– a defense firm in London. However, she has declined, wanting to convince them to open a branch in Toronto as there's a lot of crime in the statisics. Hearing that she'll be staying, George asks if she'd like to have dinner sometime. "Are you courting me?" Effie asks. "I suppose that..." George starts, but she cuts him off with, "Good. Then let's start with lunch".

Season 13


  • Effie Newsome attends the suffragette's speech and assists Dr. Ogden after the explosion.
  • Effie's relationship with George has been consummated.
  • At Scott's Diner, Effie tells George that Mr. Clark has plans to commit almost exclusively to defence law, and he wants her to assist him. A new job? "Why not? There are very few lawyers who defend people accused of crime." George points out for good reason, "...there are very few people accused of crimes that didn't commit them...", she replies, "Well, not all police officers are as competent as you."
  • When George bulks at submitting his manuscript to her publisher friend, Effie is persistent and eventually walks him, with manuscript in hand, to the publishing house doorstep.

Bad Pennies

Prodigal Father

The Killing Dose

  • One morning at her place, Effie asks George to solve the mystery behind Mr. Vickers' stolen rent money. George reminds her if he starts investigating a case in her building, the neighbours will start to recognize him and her superintendent might put an end to their visits. Effie believes when people are in need, "we can't refuse them help out of fear of being inconvenienced".
  • Then, Effie finds a letter from Watson-Cook publishing on the table – An offer on George's manuscript: They've had a book withdrawn and they need a replacement and want to publish right away. But George is not entirely sure it's ready and changes the subject.
  • He asks if Mr.Vickers is the one who brought brownies last week, who's sweet on her? He's a kindly old man who enjoys baking and can't afford to pay his rent twice. "Are you really worried about helping people in need, or are you worried about losing these brownies?" Effie admits to both actually.

In the Company of Women

  • Effie puts her abilities as a lawyer to good use and assists Julia and Louise Cherry with a case.

The Future is Unwritten

Season 14

Rough and Tumble

Shock Value

The Dominion of New South Mimico

Everything is Broken Part 1

Everything is Broken Part 2

Season 15

The Things We Do for Love Part 1

The Things We Do for Love Part 2


  • The name Effie is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "pleasant speech". Effie is the old-fashioned short form for Euphemia, though the name is also a short form for any female name beginning with the letter 'F' such as Frances, Fatima or Faith, in Effie Newsome's case, it is Fiona (ep.1408).


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