Edwin Clarke
Actor Geoffrey Pounsett
Seen Summer of '75
Gender Male
Age 40's
Status Crimnal (arrested)
Job Blackmailer and Murderer

Edwin Clarke is from New Brunswick and was a Governor General Young Scholar of 1875, introduced in Season 9 of Murdoch Mysteries. He and Jacques Devereaux bullied Winifred "Freddie" Pink while at summer camp.

Appearances and Mentions

Summer of '75

  • His main job while at camp was to build the fire. While out collecting firewood he saw Constable Dale Dobson murder Glenn Singer.  
  • In 1903, he visits fellow scholar, Jacques Devereaux at Algonquin Park, the property that used to belong to Glenn Singer. While researching Singer's weapon collection he discovers Glenn Singer's past and connects Constable Dale Dobson to his murder. Edwin blackmails Dobson until he hears that Dobson started shooting at his fellow scholars. Edwin then stops blackmailing Dobson, however, this does not stop the shootings. Edwin murders Dobson by hitting him in the back of the head and making it look like a suicide using Constable Dobson's gun with a 32 calaber shot to the head.

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