Edward Scanlon
Edward Scanlon
Actor Alastair MacKenzie
Seen Snakes and Ladders
Gender Male
Status Criminal, (deceased)

Edward Scanlon, a.k.a. Harlan Orgill, is an inspector from Scotland Yard who arrives in Toronto about the time a young woman is brutally murdered in Season 2 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Alastair MacKenzie.

Appearances and Mentions

Snakes and Ladders

  • Scanlon informs Murdoch and Brackenreid that he is pursuing the man known as Harlan Orgill. But inquiries to Scotland Yard reveals that the real Edward Scanlon was murdered in Cairo, Egypt and that the man who arrived in Toronto must be Harlan Orgill.
  • He attacks Julia Ogden, who stabs him with a pair of scissors. As he lay dying, he asks that Julia be thanked for relieving him of his misery.
  • Scanlon (Orgill) has an affinity with the board game 'snakes and ladders'; It is how he determins how many women he kills in each city, eight snakes on the board equals eight women murdered.
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