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Edward "Eddie" Green was an actor who worked at the Grand Theatre in Toronto until he was murdered in May 1892; his body is discovered in Season 1 of Murdoch Mysteries.

Appearances and Mentions

Body Double

  • Green's cast mates had a low opinion of his acting ability, however, he resembled the theatre owner, Virgil Smart. When Smart was murdered by his wife, Arthur Wellesley strangled Green so they could switch the bodies and people would think Virgil had died of natural causes.
  • Stella and her cast mates concocted a story that Green had left the theatre but he was actually buried in the grave marked for Virgil Smart. In 1895, Detective William Murdoch discovered the truth when he had Dr. Julia Ogden use Wilhelm His' technique to build up a skull with clay and see what the deceased looked like. Murdoch later paid for Green to be buried properly in his own grave.


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