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Edward Dobbs has been missing for three days after calling a strike against Robert Graham's company and he was having some success in the finale episode of Season 10.

Appearances and Mentions

Hell to Pay

  • Edward Dobbs is Robert Graham's new enemy, a worker who thinks he is more than he is; A member of the rabble who thinks he is above politics.
  • Mrs. Dobbs is convinced that Robert Graham has killed her husband Edward or taken him.
  • According to Inspector Brackenreid, if Murdoch wants to go after Robert Graham, he is  going to need more than the words of a dance-hall girl - and a socialist's wife.
  • Pulled out of the lake and delivered to the City Morgue, Edward Dobbs had been left in the lake for three days, but he was obviously strangled. Evidence-wise, there is nothing Murdoch can use.
  • Lydia Hall had witnessed the crime: Graham blackmailing Franklin Williams into ending Dobbs' life. If Williams does the deed for Graham he is rich forever. Lydia tells Murdoch "I didn't help. I didn't do anything, I just watched that man die - before my eyes."

Up From Ashes


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