Edith Frizzel
1011 Edith Frizzel
Actor Joy Tanner
Seen A Murdog Mystery
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Sister-In-Law of Toronto Mayor

Owner of Show Dog Horace (Deceased)
Owner of Show Dog Pistachio

Job Member of the Toronto Canine Competitive Society

Edith Frizzel is a member of  the Toronto Canine Competitive Society and the proud owner of the champion show dog Horace. She is also the sister-in-law of the Mayor of Toronto in Season 10.

Appearances and Mentions

A Murdog Mystery

  • The episode starts with Edith about to feed her beloved dog, Horace, his evening meal of beef, only to find him dead. Believing him to be murdered, she calls the Toronto Constabulary, but Detective Murdoch believed it a waste of police resources to investigate what seemed to be death by natural causes. Edith then received a call from her brother-in-law. She then passed the phone to Murdoch, who reluctantly agrees to investigate Horace's death at the Mayor's request.