Eddie Crawford
Eddie Crawford
Actor Craig Brown
Seen The Talking Dead
Brackenreid Boudoir
Bl..dy H.ll
Toronto's Girl Problem
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Pawn Shop Owner

Eddie Crawford runs and owns Crawford’s Pawnshop, introduced in Season 8 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Craig Brown.

Inspector Brackenreid doesn't think very highly of Eddie Crawford, because of his shady dealings. Eddie, more often than not, is questioned during an on-going case and has found himself to be a suspect on the brink of being arrested. He has been called a weasel by associates.

Appearances and Mentions

Pirates of the Great Lakes

  • At the Station House, when brought in for questioning, Eddie claims he does not know anyone named Honeyman nor anything about Italian treasure arriving in Toronto.
  • Eddie Crawford tries to correct Murdoch, "Detective, I know you like to entertain a fantasy of me as some sort of criminal mastermind, but I'm just a simple businessman trying to make a living. I just can't help you. I'm a curio man. Italian antiquities don't exactly fly off my shelves."

Sir. Sir? Sir!!!

The Talking Dead

  • Eddie Crawford becomes the subject of one of many fraudulent obituaries, and he is not too pleased about the situation. He appears more annoyed rather than worried at the fact that someone wants him dead. 

Brackenreid Boudoir

Bl..dy H.ll

Toronto's Girl Problem



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