Dye Discharger
Mm412 Dye Discharger 1
Inventor William Murdoch
The Dye Discharger is a Murdoch invention based on a new British technology called the Little Nipper. Essentially it's a mousetrap, which when triggered, blasts red paint all over a criminal’s hands, marking him as the culprit.

The dye stains on the bandit's hands will last several days before washing off. Also, some of the dye that is discharged will end up on the money itself. If The Kissing Bandit gets away with his next robbery, he can't give it away or spend it without being caught. And all the bank managers have to do is make sure a money bag with the dye discharger gets handed over. The plan involves Mr. Paddy Glynn of the Toronto Gazette to alert the public after the robbery and ask them to report any sightings of a dye-spattered man. He'll be caught red-handed.


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