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Gender Male
Status Unnamed Characters

Toronto is full of Drivers!

Driver is one of numerous nameless characters who drive carriages, wagons, motorcars, and sleds (and who may or may not have a descriptor in the end-credits) in Murdoch Mysteries.

The Driver more often than not from the working class citizenry of Toronto, who may be a innocent bystander or a witness to the crime being investigated; On occasion, he may be a suspect, a person of interest or connected to the criminal class.

(Also, see Cabbie)


A Study in Sherlock

Blast of Silence

Holy Matrimony, Murdoch!

  • Carriage Driver portrayed by Norman Owen

Murdoch Takes Manhattan

  • Drunk Driver portrayed by Dov Mickelson

Cometh the Archer

  • Driver portrayed by Alexander Krstich

The Talking Dead

  • Driver portrayed by Ian Rayburn
    • Crabtree questions the Driver about Joshua Martin's obituary; Martin was his father who was buried that morning. Crabtree tips his hat adding, "My condolences."



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