Dr. Prescott
1304 Dr. Prescott (Justin Mader)
Actor Justin Mader
Seen Prodigal Father
Gender Males
Status Living
Job Doctor
Dr. Prescott is a suspect introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Justin Mader .

Appearances and Mentions

Prodigal Father

  • Dr. Prescott is brought in for questioning after a witness identifies him as the man seen arguing with the victim.
  • At first, Dr. Prescott informs Murdoch that he was invited to the event in question but had decided not to attend. Murdoch warns him that the witness can be call in to identify him; Dr. Prescott apologizes for his imprecise words and admits to be being at the event but did not attend the presentation.
  • Dr. Prescott is genuinely surprised to hear that the waiter died shortly after he left. Shields was an old friend of Dr. Prescott's who had come to him with an investment opportunity which was not unusual as Shields had done quite well in such things previously. So, three years ago, Dr. Prescott gave him five thousand dollars for a "sure thing" – some kind of music hall in Cleveland; Prescott never saw the money again.
  • Since then, Dr. Prescott has done quite well whereas poor Shields was struggling to make ends meet. When he saw his old friend at the event, Prescott had offered him some money but his friend took offence and they argued.
  • Murdoch has Dr. Prescott give his fingerprints to compare them to the ones found on the poisoned whisky glass that killed the waiter Shields. Not a match and the doctor walks out of the Station House with a "Toodle-oo" to Murdoch.



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