Dr. Lionel Ogden
Dr. Lionel Ogden.png
Actor David Fox
Seen The Death of Dr. Ogden
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Julia Ogden, daughter
William Murdoch, son-in-law
Ruby Ogden, daughter
Deceased wife
Caroline Hill, childhood sweetheart
Darcy Garland, son-in-law (Deceased)
Job Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Lionel Ogden is the father of Ruby Ogden and Julia Ogden. Lionel Ogden makes his first and only appearance in Season 7, played by David Fox.

Appearances and Mentions

Kill Thy Neighbour (Mention)

  • After his death, his daughter Julia gives his cufflinks to her husband William as an anniversary gift.

Home for the Holidays (Mention)

The Death of Dr. Ogden

  • Lionel Ogden haunts Julia as she struggles to unravel the truth about his death. Julia has mixed feelings about her father; while he pushed her to become the accomplished woman she is now, she still feels the emotional distance between them.
  • Julia discovers her father has had a secret love from his youth before he married Julia's mother.
  • After Caroline Hill reveals that she assisted in his suicide, Julia discovers he'd been diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) disease, a degenerative nerve disorder, that would have eventually killed him.
  • Caroline suspects that he had called Julia (ep.717) because he knew she would help him to have a dignified death of his own choosing.

Blast of Silence

  • Julia receives a telephone call from her father.

The Kissing Bandit (Mention)

Houdini Whodunit (Mention)

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