Dr. Gettler
1309 Dr. Gettler (John Fleming)
Actor John Fleming
Seen The Killing Dose
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Doctor of Medicine
Dr. Silas Gettler is the fiancé of Miss Jane Cooper introduced in Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by John Fleming

Appearances and Mentions

The Killing Dose

  • Dr. Silas Gettler arrives and rushes to the bedside of Jane Cooper at Toronto Mercy Hospital , immediately checking her vital signs. Detective William Murdoch , Toronto Constabulary, asks: is Jane Cooper your patient? Bella Cooper introduces Silas. Dr. Gettler explains that he is posted at Belleville General Hospital.
  • Dr. Gettler describes his fiancée as a a lovely, proper woman from a good family who had everything to look forward to as they were to marry in September.
  • Out in the corridor, Murdoch and Ogden inquire further as her sister said that Jane had been suffering from melancholy. Dr. Gettler confirms that she had complained of some illness in her letters, but it was simply excitement over their upcoming wedding. None of her varied symptoms could be confirmed. He had advised her to rest and spend less time on her volunteer work.
  • Dr. Gettler is at the bedside when Nurse Sullivan and Dr. Ogden respond to Miss Cooper having respiratory difficulty; She has contracted a bacterial infection during brain surgery. He knows there is no treatment and tells Bella Cooper, "there is nothing to be done."
  • Dr. Gettler is interviewed again. This time Murdoch and Parker present a letter found amongst Jane Cooper's personal effects that he never mentioned which suggests he wanted to breakoff their engagement and poisoned her so as not to be seen as the cad that he is. Gettler insists that he never decided not to marry Jane, "I'll never forgive myself that she saw this, these were my last words to her."



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