Dr. Charles Linden is a psychiatrist working at the Toronto Asylum, introduced in Season 7 of Murdoch Mysteries

Appearances and Mentions


  • Dr. Linden thouroughly disagrees with Dr. Julia Ogden's approach to phobias and insists that pulling out their patients' teeth would be more effective.
  • Dr. Charles Linden attempted to sabotage Dr. Ogden's program in effort to make her rethink her methods. He first attempted to plant a dead spider in Sarah Bosen's room, but she had already defenestrated herself. Instead of reporting her death, he planted the dead spider under her pillow to label it as the cause of her death.
  • He later went on to release a herd of horses on Harry Phelps and created a shower of feathers in Pauline Kerr's room to scare both of them, resulting in Phelps leaving the program. For the latter prank, he was spotted by Imelda Craske, who reported to Dr. Ogden and Detective Murdoch, who brought him in for questioning. Evidence used against him were manure on his riding boots, putting him in the stables, a feather in his office and spiders in jars at his house leading him to confess to sabotaging Julia's project.
  • When accused of murdering Sarah, Linden denied his accusations, mentioning that he could never handle a live spider. He was subsequently dismissed by the asylum board.
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