Dorothy Nash
Actor Natalia Payne
Seen Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood
Gender Female
Status Criminal
Relationships Alvin Nash (Father)

Mavis Nash (Mother), Unnamed Brother (Deceased)

Dorothy Nash is a farmer along with her father Alvin and lives with him and her mother Mavis up until her arrest at the end of Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood.

Appearances and Mentions

Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood

  • Dorothy is introduced when Detective Murdoch comes and visits the Nash farm after the discovery of two dead bodies on his land, the neighbouring land to the Nash's. She informs him of what she saw with her father the night that Dawson came to his land with a wagon and something heavy in the back. But after her father falsely admits to the crime of the murders of the Hobbins boys, he's released after Murdoch discovers when the bodies were buried, and Murdoch unvelis that Dorothy, along with Frank Walsh and Barry Biggs, killed the Hobbins' as revenge for what they'd done, and they're all arrested for their murders.
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