Dorothy Cornell
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Actor Hannah Endicott-Douglas
Seen Bloodlust
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Olivia Cornell, sister
Job Student
Dorothy Cornell is a student of Tepes school for girls and the younger sister of another student, Olivia Cornell, introduced in Season 4 of Murdoch Mysteries, portrayed by Hannah Endicott-Douglas.

Appearances and Mentions


  • Her sister Olivia, along with two other students, is visited by a man, posing as a vampire. Dorothy is told the the rendezvous is romantic, but then one of the three 'chosen' girls Amy Goldham is found murdered.
  • Soon after, Dorothy finds a note in her school book from the 'vampire' asking for a rendez-vous. Dorothy sneaks out during the night and waits at a mausoleum, but instead of a romantic meeting, she is grabbed and chloroformed and then carried off.
  • She is taken to a secret hide-out where she is used as a blood donor for Daniel Irving. Afterwards, she is released. In the meantime, Mrs. Irving reports Dorothy's disappearance to the police, and Murdoch along with Crabtree  searches for her and find her. She is returned to the school, where Dr. Ogden tends her.
  • After Dorothy tells her story to Murdoch, he and Dr. Ogden are convinced that the attack on Dorothy is different from the other girls' meeting with the 'Vampire, suggesting that someone has a desperate need for blood.


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